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Ask the Financial Experts: Fiscal Navigation in 2022

Fiscal administration and management issues for federal grants have become more complex for CAAs due to the historic influx of funding they received in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Many of these challenges, from managing new programs and a rapid ramp-up of services, to cost allowability as needs during the pandemic evolved and closing out short-term grants, relate to the financial administration of new or increased funding streams.

To help CAAs navigate these challenges – new and old – CAPLAW, in collaboration with the National Community Action Partnership, has invited two of our most knowledgeable and engaging financial experts, Kay Sohl and Denes Tobie, to answer your questions about managing your agency’s finances.

Experts: Kay Sohl, Kay Sohl Consulting; Denes Tobie, Wipfli LLP


Hydroponic Farm Social Enterprise Case Study + Webinar

Join CAPLAW for a discussion of our forthcoming case study on CT Food 4 Thought, a hydroponic greenhouse farm operated by New Opportunities, Inc., a CAA in northwest Connecticut. The webinar will feature New Opportunities’ Executive Director Bill Rybczyk, who will share the story of how his team pivoted strategically to grow its business from an idea to a successful farm producing 8,000-11,000 heads of lettuce per week. CAPLAW will highlight some of the legal choices Bill faced along the way, such as how to structure the social enterprise and manage unrelated business income tax. We will also discuss other topics, like employment arrangements and conflicts of interest, which CAAs should consider when launching a social enterprise.


Bill Rybczyk, New Opportunities Executive Director;

Caroline Santilli, CAPLAW Staff Attorney

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A Primer on the Coordination of Benefits for Nonprofits: The Intersection of Employee Leave, Wage Replacement Benefits, and Healthcare Coverage

An increasing number of states and localities are implementing laws that provide employees with benefits such as paid sick leave, family and medical leave, and/or disability benefits. As a result, nonprofits are increasingly likely to be faced with the challenging tasks of not only complying with these laws, but also determining how these entitlements intersect with the leave, wage replacement benefits, and health insurance provided by the organization. These tasks have become even more complex during the pandemic, because many nonprofits have changed from an in-person work model to a remote work model, thereby increasing the number of applicable jurisdictions.

Join Venable LLP for a valuable discussion as they examine several key considerations nonprofits should take into account as they approach coordinating benefits for employees with medical issues, who need to care for a sick family member, or who need time to bond with a new child. This presentation will address federal, state, and local paid and unpaid leave laws, wage replacement benefits (including short-term and long-term disability and workers’ compensation), and healthcare coverage. Panelists will provide insight and a best practices approach for your nonprofit organization in addressing this complex topic.

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