Attorneys as CAA Board Members

Attorney Network Webinar


Attorneys make valuable contributions to Community Action Agencies (CAAs) as board members. They possess training and expertise that help boards better fulfill their duties to their organizations while bolstering the impact that CAAs have in communities. This webinar examines issues unique to attorneys who serve as CAA board members. CAPLAW moderated a panel of attorneys sitting on CAA boards, who shared their insights to help attorney board members understand the ways in which they can utilize their legal knowledge and skills as CAA board members, while still respecting the boundary between practicing law and board member duties. This webinar covers topics such as the differing roles that attorneys on CAA boards might be asked to play, challenges lawyers could face as board members, how expectations can be managed, what potential conflicts of interest exist, and how to responsibly agree to represent the CAA.

Presented on: August 19, 2019
Presented by: Michael L. Chaido, Esq., Washington Financial Bank, Board of Directors for Blueprints & CASA for Kids and the Peters Township Chamber of Commerce; Leslie Scott Jean-Bart, Esq., Terrell Hogan Yegelwel, P.A.; Tonmiel Rodriguez, Esq., Board of Directors for the Agricultural and Labor Program, Inc.; Jonathan Cohen, Esq., CAPLAW

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