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CAPLAW News Alerts

CAPLAW’s news alerts contain breaking news on the legal and financial topics important to the Community Action network.

November 29, 2021
Topic: Head Start Issues Vaccine Rule; Masking Required Immediately

November 23, 2021
More Details on the Head Start Vaccination Requirements

September 10, 2021
Topic: Game Changer: Highlights of the President’s New Pandemic Strategy

August 27, 2021
Topic: Supreme Court Settles Eviction Moratorium Dispute: Evictions May Resume

August 18, 2021
Topic: Stepping Back to Move Forward: Updated OSHA COVID-19 Guidance Responds to CDC Recommendations

August 4, 2021
Topic: CDC Issues Limited Eviction Moratorium Through October 3

July 30, 2021
Topic: Return of the Masks: CDC Response to the Delta Variant

June 21, 2021
Topic: OSHA Issues Long-Awaited COVID-19 Guidance for Employers

June 3, 2021
Topic: EEOC Issues Updated Workplace Vaccination Guidance

May 25, 2021
Topic: OHS Instructs Programs to Expect New Normalcy

May 20, 2021
Topic: OSHA Recognizes New CDC Vaccination Guidance

May 14, 2021
Topic: New CDC Vaccination Guidelines – Implications for CAAs

April 30, 2021
Topic: Executive Order Increases Minimum Wage for Federal Contractors (not Grantees)

March 16, 2021
Topic: The American Rescue Plan Act: Highlights for the Community Action Network

February 22, 2021
Topic: OSHA Issues Updated Guidance for COVID-19 in the Workplace

October 2, 2020
Topic: Office of Head Start Limits Wage and Benefit Flexibility

September 29, 2020
Topic: Executive Order Limits Diversity and Inclusion Trainings by Federal Contractors

September 15, 2020
Topic: DOL Issues Revised Rule on FFCRA Leave in Response to Court Ruling

September 10, 2020
Topic: CDC Issues Nationwide Residential Eviction Moratorium

August 31, 2020
Topic: UPDATE: Treasury Department Issues Employee Payroll Tax Deferral Guidance

August 26, 2020
Topic: Executive Order Defers Employee Payroll Taxes – Or Does It?

August 17, 2020
Topic: Final Uniform Guidance Revisions Issued

August 12, 2020
Topic: Federal Court Strikes Down Certain FFCRA Leave Rules

July 17, 2020
Topic: OCS Issues Guidance on Role of States and CAAs with respect to CARES Funding

June 5, 2020
Topic: PPP Amendment Expands Loan Forgiveness Options

May 29, 2020
Topic: PPP Guidance on Loan Forgiveness and SBA Review Process

May 28, 2020
Topic: Office of Head Start Issues Further Guidance on COVID-19 Response and Reopening

May 14, 2020
Topic: PPP Loans Under $2 Million Qualify for Safe Harbor

May 1, 2020
Topic: SBA Guidance on Economic Necessity for PPP Loans

April 23, 2020
Topic: Funding for PPP and EIDL Replenished

April 14, 2020
Topic: Key Points in OCS IM #157: Guidance for COVID-19 Response

April 3, 2020
Topic: CAPLAW CARES Act Resources for Nonprofit CAAs

April 1, 2020
Topic: IRS Issues Guidance on Claiming Credit for Paid Leave

March 31, 2020
Topic: ACF Issues Guidance on Administrative Flexibilities

March 30, 2020
Topic: DOL Issues Additional Guidance on Paid Leave Requirements

March 27, 2020
Topic: CARES Act: Historic Supplemental Funding for Key Community Action Programs

March 25, 2020
Topic: DOL Guidance: Paid Sick and FMLA Leave Effective April 1; DOE COVID-19 Guidance for Weatherization

March 20, 2020
Topic: Paid Leave Under COVID-19 Response Act: What CAAs Need to Know

March 13, 2020
Topic: OCS and OHS Funding Source COVID-19 Updates

March 5, 2020
Topic: Managing Coronavirus Risks: What Should the Community Action Network Think About?

February 24, 2020
Topic: Supreme Court Lifts Public Charge Injunction in Illinois – Rule Now Effective Nationwide

January 31, 2020
Topic: USCIS Announces Public Charge Rule Implementation Date

January 30, 2020
Topic: OMB Proposes Revisions to the Uniform Guidance

January 28, 2020
Topic: Supreme Court Allows Public Charge Rule to Take Effect

December 23, 2019
Topic: Congress Repeals Tax on Nonprofit Parking and Transportation Benefits

December 3, 2019
Topic: Head Start Background Checks Further Delayed, Comments Requested

October 15, 2019
Topic: Federal Courts Issue Injunctions Blocking Public Charge Rule

September 24, 2019
Topic: DOL Announces Final Overtime Rule under the FLSA

August 12, 2019
Topic: DHS Issues Final Public Charge Rule

January 10, 2019
Topic: Update on Partial Federal Government Shutdown

October 1, 2018
Topic: Head Start Background Check and QRIS Requirements FURTHER DELAYED

January 18, 2018
Topic: Update on Possible Federal Government Shutdown

June 26, 2017
Topic: Quick Tips for Approaching WIOA Deadline

December 8, 2016
Topic: New Head Start Background Check Requirements DELAYED

November 23, 2016
Topic: Federal Judge Temporarily Blocks New FLSA Overtime Rule

September 2, 2016
Topic: HHS Issues Final Head Start Program Performance Standards

May 18, 2016
Topic: DOL Issues Final Overtime Rule under the FLSA

December 19, 2013
Topic: OMB Releases Super Circular