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This crosswalk shows the connections between the CSBG Organizational Standards, published in Information Memorandum (IM) 138, and the Head Start Program Performance Standards, located at 45 C.F.R. Parts 1301 through 1305. It highlights ways that the board and staff members of a CAA with a Head Start program can leverage the intersection between the two sets of requirements to demonstrate compliance with the rules of both programs.

CAAs are encouraged to use the Crosswalk, which is an editable spreadsheet, to track internal compliance efforts. The Introduction to the Crosswalk provides a brief overview of the CSBG Organizational Standards and the Head Start Performance Standards, as well as suggestions on how to use the Crosswalk.

Introduction to the Crosswalk:

Download the Introduction

Crosswalk of the CSBG Organizational Standards and Head Start Performance Standards:

Download the Crosswalk

Four Implementation Tools for CSBG and Head Start Board Compliance

These tools assist CAAs with implementing cross-program compliance under the CSBG Organizational Standards and Head Start requirements. Each tool features a specific resource that helps CAAs meet overlapping CSBG and Head Start obligations, and contains instructions on how CAAs with a Head Start program can best use and adapt the resource.

  1. Template CSBG and Head Start Board Composition Matrix
    This sample board composition matrix includes CSBG and Head Start composition requirements for governing body members. Use this tool to ensure compliance under the requirements of both programs as well as to strengthen the CAA’s board recruitment and engagement efforts.
    Introduction | Template Matrix

  2. Template Written Democratic Selection Provisions
    These template provisions address how a CAA can designate the Policy Council to select an individual to serve as a low-income representative on the CAA’s tripartite board. Insert these provisions into a CAA’s written democratic selection procedures or bylaws to formalize this process and meet CSBG Org. Standard 5.1 while also satisfying a board composition requirement under the Head Start Act.
    Introduction | Template Provisions

  3. Template Conflict of Interest Policies
    These template conflict of interest policies enable a CAA to meet the conflict of interest requirements of the Head Start Act as well as CSBG Org. Standard 5.6’s mandate for board members to sign such a policy every two years. CAAs can use these templates to update their own policies for compliance and to ensure greater transparency and disclosure among board and staff members.
    Introduction | Conflict of Interest Policy for Board | Conflict of Interest Policy for Senior Staff

  4. Template Shared Calendar of CSBG and Head Start Board Required Actions
    This template calendar includes all actions required to be taken by the board under the CSBG Org. Standards, the Head Start Act, and the Head Start Performance Standards. This shared calendar keeps track of when and how frequently the board has to take action, and will help board chairs and staff liaisons to the board manage the board’s upcoming meeting agendas and schedules.
    Introduction | Template Calendar

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