One way to empower a CAA board is to give it the tools it needs to educate itself. With this in mind, CAPLAW has created a self-training tool to provide a nonprofit CAA board with the guidance and information it needs to teach itself about the Community Service Block Grant Act (CSBG) tripartite board requirements. This tool consists of questions, quizzes, exercises, and resources for the board to work through with the help of a board member facilitator.

The full tool includes four main sections:

  1. Part I: General Tripartite Board Composition and Selection Information
    Facilitator Packet | PowerPoint
  2. Part II: Public Official Sector
    Facilitator Packet | PowerPoint
  3. Part III: Low-Income Representative Sector
    Facilitator Packet | PowerPoint
  4. Part IV: Private Sector
    Facilitator Packet | PowerPoint

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