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Training & Orientation Tool for Public CAA Boards


This presentation was created in response to a need in the network for training and orientation materials that state Community Services Block Grant (CSBG) offices, state associations, and individual Community Action Agencies (CAAs) can use to educate their own boards and staff that work with the board on the board’s vital role in the organization. This presentation is specifically for tripartite boards of public CAAs and acts as a guide for those training or orientating board members on the board’s responsibilities.

The full presentation includes five main sections:

  1. Brief Introductions
  2. Legal Requirements Governing Tripartite Boards
  3. A Few Brief Points About How a Board of Directors Operates
  4. Role of the Tripartite Board
  5. Key Responsibilities of the Tripartite Board

For more information on how to use this resource, please refer to the Introduction below.

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